Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hi everyone--

I guess I have a lot of things on my plate this week. I guess it's not all of huge importance, but I've separated it all for you.

Weight Loss Challenge:

At work, to raise money for the United Way, those of us that choose are making groups of 10 and joining the Weight Loss Challenge. Basically we're all trying to lose weight over the next six weeks and then the group with the highest percentage of weight lost will win a prize. And that prize...a catered lunch. That's not the prize I care about, though. Hopefully, healthy living will be its own reward. Bye bye Starbucks lattes and frozen custard. Bye bye cake and cookies and cokes. Bye bye salad dressing and butter and french fries. I'll miss you. But what i won't miss is the extra pounds. We did the weigh in this morning and I'm starting out at 223 pounds. My goal for this challenge is 10%, so 22 lbs. The stretch goal (my cousin's wedding next year) is 73lbs. So, here we go...but ice cream is soooo good.

Holiday Kal Cal

I've decided to join my first knit along, the holiday kalcal. I just signed up, but the sign in period doesn't start until 9/22, so hopefully, they'll take my entry. If not, I can just sign up later. I've got a few projects in mind for Christmas, and a project for a baby who will be born the week before Thanksgiving, so I'll have alot on my plate. But I can't wait.


The first thing I've got to work on is the blanket I've been working off and on on since the Super Bowl. I've been working on it for Warm Up America. I've had the squares done since April, it's just putting them all together that I'm working 0n now. I'm thinking of sending it to Warm Up America instead of a local charity because I used a chunkier yarn and I think someone up north will get more out of the warmth than someone here. I really should have worked on this in April, because we were having freak snowstorms here and now it is so hot working on that thing it makes me not want to work on it. Once I finish, I will post a picture online.

Prison Break

Because what would a post from me be without a mention of Prison Break, especially when the new season started yesterday. I'm still working on Season 2, so I haven't watched it, but the download was free on iTunes, so as soon as I get those dvds, I can go straight into Season 3. I can't wait. Oh Netflix, bring me some more MICHAEL SCOFIELD. I'm going to Dallas hopefully later this week, maybe I can find my way to wherever there filming...yeah, right.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Season 1

Well I finished Season 1 of Prison Break. I have to say I love it. Still in love with Wentworth Miller, and I like how the story twists and turns. In so many shows, I can guess what happens next or the ending of the show, and although I knew they broke out from the title of the show (and commericals for Season 2), I really didn't expect what happened. The only thing I think that distracts me from the show is Lane Garrison and his current troubles. I don't want to be influenced by that stuff, but I think if I had watched it before the accident, I would have felt differently for his character, but I just feel like he's an outsider. But I don't hold my personal prejudices against the show, and I'll keep watching. Now if only Season 2 would get here from Netflix....

Anyway, does anyone know how to link to blogs on the side? I see that in other people's blogs, but I'm not sure how to do it on my own.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

So do they make it out of prison? just kidding

I think I'm starting to get addicted to Prison Break. I hadn't seen it before, because it came on Mondays and we would usually watch How I Met Your Mother (which has to be my favorite comedy on now) instead. So I missed the pilot and the first few episodes, and everyone kept saying you need to see those, so I decided to wait until the dvd came out. And I guess I'm a bit behind because I just started watching them last month. Now, I can't get enough. I almost want to increase my subscription to Netflix so I can get some more. It's definitely an Oz lite in terms of the prison violence, but the story is so good, and Wentworth Miller is so cute. I know I'm weird but I love his long fingers. Right from the beginning when he was robbing the bank, I remember thinking how long his fingers were. Anyway, does anyone know what color his eyes are? At times they seem blue or green. Oh well. I got my email from Netflix today, and I'm getting my fix on Saturday. So it won't be long.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


After our dog died last March (2006), my mom's friend's son promised up the pick of the litter from his dog's first litter. And last week, the puppies were born! I am so excited. 10 labrador retriever puppies ready for us to choose. So in six or seven weeks, we should have our new edition.


I guess the title speaks for itself. This blog thing is kinda new, so I guess they are more like my thoughts on things.

Knocked Up-- I really liked this movie. It was funny and gross and sweet all at the same time. I'll admit, unlike most people, I liked The 40 Year Old Virgin (also directed by Judd Apatow) better. In that movie, pretty much everything that surrounded Steve Carrell symbolized how naive he was, how he hadn't matured, like he stopped growing up during puberty without that right of passage. That's what made the ending so great, although most of the people I know just didn't get it. I didn't really see that kind of thing in this movie and I guess I kind of missed that. I loved all the Freaks and Geeks alums, though. Especially Martin Starr. He was always my favorite on that show, and it was really good to see him again. I guess that was half Knocked Up half 40 Year Old Virgin.

Austenland by Shannon Hale-- I'll admit it, I love chicklit. Not necessarily the name, but the type of writing, the romantic comedy things. Anything with a Mr. Darcy type (Bridget Jones). And I did enjoy this, I listened to audiobook, which is so much easier to do at work. The narrarator was mostly good. Her Martin was absolutely horrible, although I can see her reasoning to make all the voices sound different, but I couldn't stand it any time he showed up, which probably wouldn't have been that way if I had read the book. The elderly aunt also sounded way to young. The book itself isn't bad, it is a big suspension of disbelief. But if you can forget about the setting and just focus on the main characters, it is a fun distraction. I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it. It was perfect for a workday listen.

Ready, Set, Knit-- I love this podcast. It is well formatted, split up into three sections, it consists of the upcoming events at the store, Webs, and the yarns. Followed by an interview and then a knitalong or informative session with Pixie, who works store (I think). Cathie and Steve are personable, and really seem to like the work that they do. It's not a personal diary on knitting like most knitting podcasts seem to be (not that I don't like them). Cathie and Steve get good people interview, the knitalongs are as informative as you can be while listening to knitting talk and they are both enjoyable enough that it works on it's main point, which is letting people know about their yarn store. I look forward to my new Ready, Set, Knit podcast every Saturday.

That's it for today on the reviews. My gosh I'm a bit of talker, not that you'd ever know that if you met me in person.