Thursday, October 25, 2007

a few thoughts

I'm waiting for my audible downloads to, well, download. So I thought I would spend some time here today.

I Wanna be a Soap Star Ashlee won. Ashlee! Really. What was everyone thinking?! Jimena was a much better actress. Throughout the whole competition when the judges would say she was good, I could not believe we were watching the same show. Poor choice, Soap Star.

Pushing Daisies Yay! They got picked up for the full season. It is one of my new favorites. I've got Wonderfalls, which is Lee Pace's old show, at the top of my Netflix queue.

Puppy. My sister and I gave the new puppy her first bath tonight so she could be all made up for my parent's anniversary. She did not look happy, but her fur is so soft now. She's a typical puppy, and loves to nip at our feet and hands. We got her a work out kennel thing on Monday, and today, she learned how to climb out of it. Sophie learned how to jump out of it inside of a few minutes, but Jessie is much smaller and wouldn't have been able to do something like that.

Blanket. I'm working on a new baby blanket for a friend of mine. The baby is due really soon, and I really hope I can get it done relatively soon, but I have so little done. I've been having a lot of trouble because it's being done in intarsia and there are at least 16 little balls I'm working with and the yarn keeps getting twisted.

Knit Out and Crochet. I attended the 2nd Lubbock Knit Out and Crochet last Saturday, and I had a lot of fun. So many people wanted to know about my blanket and had ideas on how to get the tangles out. It was nice to be able to work on my knitting somewhere and have people actually know what it is, when I knit on my breaks at work, everyone is curious, but they don't understand the stitches and stuff.

Halloween. We're having a costume contest at work on again this year. Last year I thought I would go as Ugly Betty, but I didn't do it. And I really am kind of wondering if I should do it this year. It wouldn't be that hard of a costume, except for the braces.

Weight Loss Challenge. I have now lost 10lbs. I am not feeling so well about it cause I wanted to have lost more, but I guess that's 10lbs less than I weighed a few months ago, so it isn't bad. And no one ever said it would be easy. I guess I thought that since I haven't hit 30 yet, it wouldn't be so hard to lose it. Wrong!

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