Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Outlook

Hey I'm back!  Only took seven months this time.  I've been thinking on and off about the blog, reading other blogs and one thing I like on other knitting blogs is that they have theme days.  I haven't planned out the entire week yet, and I don't think I will post everyday, but I'm thinking of the following theme days.

Monday: Miscellaneous Monday. Talking about anything, maybe a week in review or updates on my latest obsessions.
Tuesday: [open]
Wednesday: Work in Progress Wednesday.  Review of works in progress and hopefully an update on knit night the night before.
Thursday: [open]
Friday: Philanthropy Friday. Discussing the importance of philanthropy in sororities and updates on philanthropic efforts and events by sororities and alumnae.
Weekends: Sorority Saturday/Sunday.  Discussing sororities, sorority life, recruitment, events, alumnae and other sorority actions.

I think this list may be subject to change because there is a lot of sorority at the weekends, and next to nothing during the week, and I would really like to balance the sorority and knitting aspects of this blog.

Hoping to see you soon, perhaps with an updated list and ideas.  If there is anything anyone would like to see on the blog, please let me know.  It's all in the working stages.

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