Friday, November 9, 2007

Oh no! Baby Blanket

I've been working on a baby blanket for my friend, who is adopting a family member's baby. It's going to be around 30in X 30in, in a kind of checkerboard pattern, and I'm hoping to felt some pieces so that when they get older, they can play checkers on it. The baby was supposed to be born around Thanksgiving, and at work, we all pitched in for a double stroller so she can go out with her two year old and the new baby. We had it all planned and the stroller was going to be assembled, and I was going to make pink cookies for last Friday. But, as can be the case with babies, the baby decided last Thursday that she didn't need a party and she was going to be born. So now the baby's here, and I've barely finished 1/10th of the blanket, not to mention the felted pieces. AAAH! (Home alone kid with hands on face) I hope I can get pictures of the blanket up as a work in progress here, and get it up on the kal cal blog so that it can be entered in the holiday kal cal.

In the weight loss challenge, our group didn't win. We didn't even get an honorable mention. But I've gotten started on the road to healthy living and weight loss, so there is a plus side. And hopefully soon, not a plus size.

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